award winning resume writer

The Truth About Award-Winning Resume Writers

Considering hiring an award-winning resume writer? 

If so, you’ll find plenty of resume services online and via social media sites that tout award-winning expertise and credentials.

A quick search for “award winning resume writers” on Google produced more than 31 million results from nearly every country in the world. The same LinkedIn search yielded dozens of resume writers, all claiming awards on their Profiles.

How can this be?

Of course, you’ll want to vet any resume writer thoroughly if you plan to hire them. Your resume (and LinkedIn Profile) are easily the most important career documents you’ll ever need.

Particularly if an award-winning resume service is truly important to you, being cautious will pay off in selecting the right provider!

In other words, you’ll benefit by looking for truth in advertising.

Follow these tips to ensure you’re working with an award-winning resume writer whose performance has been independently tested and verified: Continue reading