Executive Resume Writing Secrets

5 Executive Resume Writing Secrets Used by Experts

Struggling to write your executive resume? Conserve your time and efforts with these expert tips.

Executive resume errors

Take These Overused, Trite Words Off Your Executive Resume

In the market for a top executive role? Remove these redundant and worn-out words from your executive resume!

Should You Hire an Executive Resume Writer?

Seeking your next executive role, or trying to move up to the corner office? You've probably realized that you're up against intensive competition from candidates with a wealth of experience. But will you need a professionally written executive resume to compete at this level? Does every executive outsource this part of the job search? Will … Continue reading Should You Hire an Executive Resume Writer?

How to Write a Compelling COO Resume

Transitioning into a COO role – or taking the next step from GM or VP of Operations? To be competitive, your COO resume must deliver a quick, yet potent snapshot of strategic leadership and tactical qualifications. In today's job market, most COOs direct broad functions such as marketing, production, sales, and technology, while presenting strategic … Continue reading How to Write a Compelling COO Resume