3 Tips to Fire Up Your 2012 Job Search

Looking forward to your 2012 job hunt – or dreading more of the same old, same old?

If you’ve spent time job searching in 2011, or are facing a pending layoff, the start of a New Year might not seem exciting or even particularly inspiring.

However, there’s good reasons to reconsider what you might have read or experienced in 2011 – plus ways to drive your job search forward and stay focused on your goal for the coming year:

1 – Realize that companies ARE hiring.

As badly as you want to find the perfect fit in your next job, companies want to find YOU.

Don’t believe this? Run a Google search on the phrase “How to find candidates on LinkedIn.” Out of the 14 million or so results, you’ll see thousands of articles on recruiting.

What this tells you is that there are plenty of companies searching for your talent. Therefore, if you haven’t already optimized your LinkedIn Profile for key search terms, it’s time to get going. Continue reading