Are You Making This Critical Mistake on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn MistakeDumping your resume content straight into each section of LinkedIn—and calling it done?

If you’re still assuming that your resume will stand in for your Profile, you’re doing yourself (and your job search) a disservice.

Here’s why: your resume might be well-written and contain solid achievements—but that doesn’t mean it was developed for online reading or recruiter searches.

Here are 3 compelling reasons that plopping your resume into LinkedIn is a significant mistake: Continue reading

Watch Out for These LinkedIn Myths

scaredmanUpdating your LinkedIn Profile, but worried that you’ll somehow slip and expose your job search, or otherwise “out” yourself to your boss?

Before you log in, panic-stricken, to change the controls on your Profile, read this first!

LinkedIn settings—and the visibility associated with them—not only change often, but are regularly misunderstood, as shown by these 3 common myths:

1 – The Contact Settings Giveaway.

Some months back, before LinkedIn’s massive 2012 changes, it was possible for other users to see what types of contacts you were willing to receive.

These options, called Opportunity Preferences, are still available from the Contact Settings (select Settings and go to “Email Preferences,” then “Select the types of messages you’re willing to receive”).

Here, you’ll see Opportunities (“Career opportunities,” “Expertise requests,” “Consulting offers,” and so on).

While it used to be advised to carefully select options other than “Career opportunities,” this no longer applies. LinkedIn now hides your Opportunity Preferences on your Profile, and they are only used to filter you in group searches. Continue reading

Stop Waiting for LinkedIn to Produce Magic Results

LinkedIn Magic

In my recent conversation with Andrea Coombes of Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch, we discussed the common pitfalls most job seekers (boomer-age and otherwise) make in using LinkedIn.

Of course, we covered tips on including a professional photo, strengthening your LinkedIn Summary, and joining the right Groups.

However, the largest mistake I see most job seekers make is simply waiting.

Waiting for the right moment to update your Profile, get a perfect head shot, write a better Headline, or look up your competition will nearly guarantee your job search will take longer.

Why? Because most employers have become reluctant to contact candidates who seem to have an invisible or barely-there digital identity.

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