How to Conduct a Holiday Job Search For Fast Results – Downloadable via Amazon

Think you have to stop job searching during the holidays because “no one hires” until January?

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, New Year, New Job! How to Use the Holidays to Advance Your Job Search, a 99-cent download on Amazon from, will quickly convince you to accelerate your efforts right now.

Getting in front of employers during November and December can yield surprisingly fast results. In fact, it’s often much easier to look for the perfect job NOW.

As’s LinkedIn for Job Search Expert, I’ve shared insights on the best ways to update your LinkedIn Profile, use LinkedIn to get in front of hiring managers, reach out to former colleagues, and other holiday-season insights (but they’re in this book only!).

Your downloaded e-book includes cutting-edge tips on how to contact recruiters, enhance your personal brand, network at holiday parties, set up interview appointments, leverage social media, and other ideas, all customized to holiday job search in 2012 and beyond.

Get your copy and start learning how to navigate the job search this holiday season.

Why Wait to Look for a New Job? Get the Best Gift of All This Holiday Season

Snowflakes, holiday décor, scented pine boughs, and other holiday treats are what most people dream of this time of year. Could there be something else that adds to the “magic” of the season? You guessed it—the holidays are perfect for job hunting.

What makes this a great time of year to be in the job market? A number of factors can bring glad tidings to those pursuing a holiday-season job search:

  • Much, much less competition. Want to face some stiff numbers not in your favor? Be sure to job search only when the masses do, from January to mid-May.
  • Increased access to decision-makers. Hiring managers often do not have the luxury of waiting out the holiday season to find that perfect candidate. In addition, some professionals quit their jobs right before the holidays, planning to spend the rest of the year with family—and leaving a prime spot for you.
  • Plenty of socializing. Face it—the option of attending more social events this time of year leaves very little excuse for avoiding networking. Your next job lead could come from the literally dozens of people you can meet—some of them with access to key decision-makers—at holiday events.
  • Company budgets working in your favor.Many corporations operate on a budget that must be spent before the end of the year. Guess what can happen when you apply to jobs during December with equal fervor to that of other months?

The lesson? Strong companies are always on the lookout for the perfect candidate to fill key jobs. Continually marketing your qualifications and networking with hiring managers–without regard to the time of year–could leave you with the best holiday gift of all.

Researching Job Requirements…or Doing Your Homework

I’ve had many job seekers ask me if they are qualified for a particular job, or what employers look for as credentials for a certain job type. This is where the mother of all job boards,, comes in quite handy.

Trying to find typical qualifications for a Regional Sales Manager? Use these as keywords to a job search and review what pops up. I find that the best results are not necessarily just in one location.

Of course, there is no substitute for other career research, such as talking to professionals in your desired field or networking at professional associations. However, Monster does provide a quick job reference to get you started–and perhaps even get you there.