How to Stop Your Work Anniversary Notifications on LinkedIn


Annoyed with the flood of “Congratulations!” notes on LinkedIn every time your work anniversary rolls around?

Try removing the Months on your jobs in the Experience section. Navigate to the job on LinkedIn, click the pencil icon to edit the dates, and select “Choose” instead of specifying the month. Hit Save and you’re done!

I have to admit – I typically use just years, rather than a month/year combination in my executive and professional resumes, which is why I rarely encounter issues like this one.

But I digress… don’t stop at this change if LinkedIn isn’t producing the results you want.

Tune your Profile to your advantage with these tips:

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In a nutshell, use the right type of message and content on LinkedIn to attract your target audience and keep the focus where you want it: on your qualifications.

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5 comments on “How to Stop Your Work Anniversary Notifications on LinkedIn”

  1. Hi Phil – just as a note to consider those that have been made redundant for periods of time – I am quite sure they do not want to be reminded about this or indeed all of the Linkedin community – In West Australia we are currently seeing many people at all levels being out of work for over 12 months.

    So it would be good to see a method to stop individual anniversaries as a choice.


  2. I like your suggestion for removing years from when you graduated because age bias is unfortunately real.

    I think it’s counter productive to remove your month in an effort to stop people from congratulating you. Isn’t the goal of social media to be noticed and get people to actually engage with you? A work anniversary is an easy way to stay in front of your network and let people engage with you, and offering you an opportunity to engage back with them.

    If you’re tired of the same old congratulations, start by looking in the mirror and seeing how you are celebrating other’s special days. I use these promote as reminders to pick up the phone and schedule a coffee catch up, to send a personal email, or to ask a question of the person having the anniversary. Sadly, many of my genuine attempts to reconnect are ignored, likely because of well meaning people are lazy and just say Congrats instead of making time to really connect.

    My challenge is to take the time to respond to the real responses you get. And make an effort to do more every day by genuinely wishing people a congratulatory message off of social media, and you will stand out like few others.


    1. Phil, You make a valid point about social engagement and using social media for positive purposes (a good idea even if you’re not in the job hunt!). I have, though, found many people are confused when they start receiving the congratulatory messages and feel they haven’t done anything to “earn” them. As you’ve said, regularly reaching out to others (not just on social media) can have significant payoffs.


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