What’s the Secret to Getting Hired From LinkedIn? (Part 3: Analyzing Your Competition)

LinkedIn CompetitionWondering if LinkedIn will REALLY help you land your next job? This strategy is another part of my series in answering these common LinkedIn job search questions:  

“Why are others getting hired off LinkedIn, but not me? What am I doing wrong?”

Part 1 (Build More Connections) and Part 2 (Set Your Strategy for Groups) may already be actions you’ve missed.

Here’s the next step in maximizing LinkedIn for your job search:

3 – You DO need to use LinkedIn to check out your competition.

Let’s say you applied to 12 jobs last month on LinkedIn, but you didn’t hear anything back. Now what?

First of all, figure out who your competition was for these jobs. That’s right – I’m suggesting you look for candidates the same way recruiters would look for YOU.

Use the “search for people, jobs, companies, more…” function at the top of your LinkedIn page, but click on Advanced next to it for a more robust search.

Enter Keywords, Job Titles, and other criteria; change these until you get the most likely candidates for your target jobs (people with job titles and locations similar to yours). Now, you’re looking at your competition!

Do you see any consistent pattern in their skills or career backgrounds that differ from yours? If so, you may need to either adjust your career goal, or set out to learn new competencies.

After all, if you can find these job hunters, so can recruiters.

If you don’t take these steps, you’ll continue to apply to jobs on LinkedIn, and continue to be passed over in favor of these candidates.

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