Stop Waiting for LinkedIn to Produce Magic Results

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In my recent conversation with Andrea Coombes of Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch, we discussed the common pitfalls most job seekers (boomer-age and otherwise) make in using LinkedIn.

Of course, we covered tips on including a professional photo, strengthening your LinkedIn Summary, and joining the right Groups.

However, the largest mistake I see most job seekers make is simply waiting.

Waiting for the right moment to update your Profile, get a perfect head shot, write a better Headline, or look up your competition will nearly guarantee your job search will take longer.

Why? Because most employers have become reluctant to contact candidates who seem to have an invisible or barely-there digital identity.

By updating your Profile immediately, you’ll reap ROI from more traffic on LinkedIn. You might even be contacted without having to send a resume first, simply because so many recruiters use it as a free resume database.

Another benefit to putting more information on LinkedIn is that you won’t have to post your resume to job search databases. This was once a common job search task for many mid-career professionals, who used sites such as Monster to advertise their credentials.

Right now, you can openly display your work experience, education, and career path to anyone, with these immediate advantages:

  • Hiring managers can easily determine whether you fit their ideal-candidate parameters
  • Co-workers or past bosses can be reminded of your achievements and qualifications (and may be more likely to recommend you)
  • Customers researching your company can decide if they’d like to do business with you or your employer
  • Employers will see you as a more visible, professionally engaged candidate who knows how to use social media

None of this will happen, however, unless you start marketing your specific skills in LinkedIn… without waiting for the perfect opportunity. 

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– Laura Smith-Proulx, CCMC, CPRW, CPBA, TCCS, COPNS, CIC

2 thoughts on “Stop Waiting for LinkedIn to Produce Magic Results

  1. Bob McIntosh says:

    So true, Laura. The most important thing about LinkedIn is having an effective profile, but if you wait until it’s perfect…you’ll just be waiting. Nothing is perfect; that’s why we advise people against using the word “perfectionist” at an interview. The same applies to your LinkedIn profile. Great point and great post.

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