Best Tech Sales Resume Tips to Outdo Your Competition

Pursuing your next career move in technical sales?

Your resume isn’t the list of sales quotas and jargon that it once was – even if that’s what landed your last job.

An effective resume in the technical field for any sales position (Pre-Sales Engineer, Sales Account Representative, Partner Alliances, etc.), must hone in on your sales style, consultative abilities, quantifiable achievements, and span of influence.

Outpace your competition and make a bigger impact on employers with these technical sales resume elements:

1 – Technology Brands.

As seen in this Technical Sales resume example, brand names often capture interest, especially if they reflect the type of technology you’ll want to work with in the future. Therefore, this resume uses a brand name in the first, eye-catching headline.

2 – Sales Achievements Summary.

This section (shown as “Revenue, Relationship-Building, & Sales Performance Highlights”) brings forth sales achievements that represent the pinnacle of your career. As seen in this example, some of the highlights are from years past – but still reflect this sales professional’s ability to produce quick results.

3 – Testimonials.

Accolades from colleagues, bosses, or even customers can make your technical sales resume pop. Here, a former manager comments on the candidate’s ability to build a supportive network that fueled his success.

4 – Career Progression.

As shown in the same Technical Sales resume, intermediate steps in your career are important factors in an employer’s eyes. Promotions show how you’ve created a pattern of results, and earned trust from both your clients and supervisors.

The bottom line? Take time to consider the way your sales achievements are framed against your work style, career progression, and the technologies you’ve used – and ensure all these elements get a starring role in your new technical sales resume.

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