You’re never too much of an ‘expert’ to learn something new

As many of you know, I spent the latter part of last week in Portland, Maine, speaking at the 2011 National Resume Writers’ Association conference.

While my topic, executive resume writing (and the process of digging deep into an executive’s career to find the context of his or her achievements) was a challenge to cover in a short period of time, it was tremendously satisfying to hear the perspectives of all the other expert resume writers in our group.

I came away with some newly crystallized ideas around how to best create a powerful portfolio, help clients who are facing a career change (although you’ll want to go straight to Norine Dagliano for expert help), assist job seekers to navigate social media, and so much more. The learning opportunities seemed endless, and yet somehow, they all fit into just a few days.

Other than pointing out the amazing level of talent in our professional association, I’d also like to say that you can never be too far advanced in  your career to learn from someone else.

Any chance to hear how others problem-solve or use a new tool in your industry can spark a whole suite of ideas that you might not have otherwise tapped.

So, follow my lead, and take that class you’ve been putting off, or that certification course that you ‘never have time for’—because the short-term rewards (like meeting and learning from industry peers) can be as immense as the long-term impact on your career.

One thought on “You’re never too much of an ‘expert’ to learn something new

  1. Keri says:

    Laura, I love this refelection you made from your experience teaching others at the National Resume Writers’ Association. The fact that you walked away feeling this and then to share it as a motivational reminder to others make you such a wholesome professional. Thanks so much for sharing!

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