Why a first-person LinkedIn profile will help your job search

There’s a lot of buzz these days in my industry on what makes a LinkedIn profile really effective… not just for job seekers, but also for service providers.

The whole idea is to be found and to find others, right?

After a lot of analysis and more than a few tweaks, I’ve hit on what makes a LI profile stand out and build more buzz for your job search:

A WIIFM (What’s In It for Me) message, written in first person.

Here’s why:

1 – It engages me on a different level.
There’s something about reading another “results-oriented professional in the xxx industry” paragraph that just leaves me cold. Not only is this ineffective in a resume (which I won’t delve into right now), but it’s just plain boring.
However, when your profile tells me about your goals, value proposition, or passion, then I sit up a little faster and take more notice.
2 – I feel as if you’re speaking directly to me.

Instead of getting the impression that your summary was developed for everyone, I am drawn in when you address ME directly.

Writing in first person forces you to get to the point faster, too. This way, you can tell me why your profile is worth reading and note the salient points in your background.

While I’m on the subject, let’s not forget that LinkedIn is all about connecting with others to form relationships. Why not remind me that there’s a REAL person (not just a bag of credentials) behind your LI profile?

3 – I get the impression that you care about my needs.

A first-person profile allows you to address your target audience, looking them in the eye (so to speak) and asking them where their pain lies.

If you tell me that you’re the solution to my predicament, I’d like to know what you think you can solve, and what you’ve done that has helped others.

All in all, this makes me believe that you care enough to conserve my time. If I don’t need what you have to offer, I can move on faster.

So there you have it… reasons why writing your LI profile in first person helps others tune in to your value.

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