9 signs that your resume won’t make the cut

In deep denial about your resume? Sure, a single-page rehash of your work life used to be the standard, but not there’s a never-ending multitude of resume “sins” that can prevent you from landing interviews.

Take a careful look at these likely scenarios–and the fixes behind them:

1) You’re unsure as to what a resume should look like, but it turns out that Microsoft Word has a great built-in template.

2) You’ve added an objective statement because that’s the way it’s always been done. Besides, how will employers know what you want if you don’t specify it?

3) You’re worried that employers won’t see everything you’ve done and therefore you’ve had to write a lot of pages to explain it all. How else would they see all of your jobs?

4) You’ve crammed your resume into a single page because you’ve always understood this as a requirement. The font can always be adjusted, anyway.

5) You’re having trouble recalling all the revenue numbers, budget figures, and other facts of your career, but you’ve spent a lot of time describing your duties.

6) You’ve added block-paragraph descriptions of each major achievement or job, rather than breaking up your text with well-placed bullets.

7) Your last job isn’t that relevant to your career, so you’ve decided to use a functional resume.

8) You’re proud of your long tenure in the industry and want everyone to know that you have “over 25 years of experience.”

9) You’re unsure of what your actual goal really is, so you’ve added a strong description of each skill to the resume so that employers can see all of your expertise in one shot.

Remember… even if it’s been light years since writing your last resume, you CAN add quick fixes that will help win the interviews you deserve.

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