Stop Saving It All For The Interview!

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Recently, I had a delightful conversation with Jennie Dorris of 5280 Magazine in Denver on the subject of (what else?) effective resumes that catch the eye of employers… and it may have been just as eye-opening for me as it was for her.

What I’ve found among many job hunters is this: their confidence extends mainly to the interview–meaning that they’re convinced they can land the job if only their resume will make it past the gatekeeper first.

However, if you REALLY want to land interviews, you’ll need to turn this idea upside down! Get that value proposition that you carry about in your head, plus your vision of that perfect interview, down on paper INSTEAD.

Why? Well, for starters, the resume presentation you have in mind (the one that holds back the good stuff) won’t sway anyone enough to call you.

While you may have been led to believe that you should save your strengths for the interview, you’re actually better off presenting your value proposition as fast as you can so that no one misses it.

I’ve always told my clients the same thing – what I’m really intent on capturing is that interview story that you’re saving up, because it will make or break the reception you gain from your resume.

So, remember to take a step back, analyze what you want the employer to really know about you, and get THAT story on your resume (instead of the dry, responsibility-focused one you have now).

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