Job search strategy: How carving your own path leads to success

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If you’ve read my book, How to Get Hired Faster, you know that I’m a strong advocate of finding your niche and “selling it” to prospective employers.

Now, this New York Times article features a Denver executive job hunter who did just that: he found, as many do, that job boards don’t produce fast results and that he needed to widen his network.

He notes that, along the way, he became more involved in maintaining business connections. At the urging of a key contact, he initiated a dialogue with hiring authorities about an open position, even though it seemed beneath his level.

This is a key strategy that I advocate to anyone in the job market ! You’ll never know if a company realizes that YOU are the solution to their business needs until you make an attempt to COMMUNICATE this message.

In the end, he was hired at a Denver-area company as a result of his conversations and connections with the CEO–after convincing the firm that his expertise could produce the business results that they sought.

What a great success story! Of course, this is proof that you can influence employers to take note of your unique skills–without chasing down job leads or relentlessly pushing the Send button to distribute your resume.

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