Robert Levine Caught in Resume Lie

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We all know that lying on a resume can get you in hot water… or do we?

Robert Levine, host of “Dinner: Impossible” has admitted that he fabricated information on his resume, including facts related to being a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, and embellishing his role as a traveling chef for heads of state.

Unfortunately, job seekers are most likely to lie about things like their education or number of years they worked for a company — and these are the easiest things to check! Even if you are not caught when the company verifies references, you will likely get tripped up somewhere along the line. And, as in the case of Levine’s very public faux pas, are the results worth it?

Solve Your Toughest Resume Challenges to Win More Interviews! 25 Secrets to Fast-Track Career Success covers numerous ways to address concerns over your qualifications for a position–all without resorting to this type of falsehood.

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