3 Reasons to Power Up Your Resume With Keywords

What’s the best way to give a quick skills overview PLUS pass an automated resume scan? Keywords!

One of the mysteries to resume writing, keywords are simply skills and concepts that humans AND systems look for in your qualifications.

However, many people skip adding this content when writing a resume… and then wonder why the phone stays silent.

Take my client Greg, for example.

Greg had a solid sales background and impressive accomplishments. However, when looking at his resume, I realized keywords were missing. Employers were not able to get a big-picture view of his ability to generate new business.

I recommended adding some targeted keywords, and the next time we talked, I couldn’t BELIEVE the difference! He was weighing offers from several firms. The keywords had pushed his application past that of competing candidates.

Here are some reasons to consider adding keywords to your resume:

1) You can satisfy dual-purpose requirements. Your resume will likely be read by BOTH a hiring manager plus an automated system.

2) Keyword content can demonstrate the breadth of your skills. A new account executive might put “relationship management” on a resume, but a more experienced sales representative could add “revenue improvement” and “profit growth.”

3) Resume real estate is valuable! Rather than taking up precious space to describe your credentials, keywords are a great way to present a quick overview, while driving home your point.

Remember – showing employers that your achievements are backed by a host of skills that THEY seek—meaning keywords—WILL make a difference in your resume’s results.

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