Not getting enough calls from your resume? The "general" approach might be the true culprit

Does it seem that you are passed over for jobs that you KNOW match your skills? If you are truly qualified–and then some–for these roles, you might have fallen victim to the myth of the “general résumé!”

This type of approach is often unsuccessful, and there are some MAJOR reasons I recommend avoiding it:

Reason #1: Employers are inundated with resumes, and your skills can be LOST in a rush of applicants if you succumb to temptation and pack every detail onto one “general” résumé.

Reason #2: It is impossible to give a hiring manager a FOCUSED picture of your fitness for a job, if you are not sure which job you are targeting. Every phrase, keyword, and qualification in your résumé should be tuned to fit the position at hand.

Reason #3: You are missing a golden opportunity to market your skills as a SOLUTION to the employer’s particular NEED. When you “connect the dots” by relating your skills to the job, hiring managers can see the value of bringing you on board.

Reason #4: Sending a “general” résumé in response to an open position often indicates that you have NOT done your homework. I don’t have to tell you that this is a less-than-flattering position to be in for a job search!

Reason #5: Taking the time to develop a unique value proposition is your MOST VALUABLE weapon in a strategic job hunt.

Your personal skills, strengths, background, and natural talents all add up to what I call your “Unique Value.” Conveying these credentials to a prospective employer practically ensures that you will be approached for positions that are appropriate for you.

The bottom line? Don’t be afraid to use more than one résumé–focused on your Unique Value, of course–to give employers the EXACT reasons that you are well-qualified for your next role.

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