September is International Update Your Resume Month

Career Directors International (CDI) has proclaimed September the official ‘Update Your Résumé Month.’ “September is the perfect time to start a new approach to career care-taking,” says Laura DeCarlo, CDI President. “While children are embarking on starting the new school year, adults should also be taking stock of their professional attributes and career value by updating their résumés.”

What we think of as a ‘life print’, or guideline for career development, will provide a proactive approach toward meeting unforeseen market and company changes, in reevaluating personal worth, and in preparing to obtain the next step in career growth.

I have frequently seen job seekers put off this crucial piece of the job search until their jobs are in jeopardy or they finally see a posting for the position of their dreams.

According to my colleagues in CDI, declaring September as the official ‘update’ month means people will have the opportunity to better control and champion their own futures.

During “Update Your Résumé Month,” every member of CDI will be dedicated to alerting their clients to the value of taking this crucial step in their career development.

Not sure what information to use in your résumé update? As a CDI member, I can provide a Résumé Update Form used to identify key accomplishments and other crucial data to be included.

Feel free to drop me a line at with the subject line “Résumé Update” to obtain this form.

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