Searching for Jobs in Colorado?

A key point to remember when looking for work in our great state is that many employers here take a conservative, wait-and-see approach to recruiting. What does this mean for you?

First of all, take care to polish your resume appropriately. Use adverbs sparingly, if at all. Very few employers in Colorado want to find out that you “successfully” did something (why else would it appear on your resume anyway?). Make sure that the format used is clean and easy to read, shows your strengths as well as past duties, and effectively conveys your career target without resorting to an Objective statement. (Hint: no one really reads those.)

Second, follow the employer’s lead. If the ad states “No phone calls,” do not brazenly call the receptionist hourly to ferret out the hiring manager’s name. This would demonstrates an inability to follow instructions and a lack of courtesy on the part of an applicant.

Third, dress conservatively for an interview. Yes, you will need to invest in a reasonable quality suit. Doing so demonstrates a willingness to meet the employer’s standards and put your best foot forward, so to speak.

Last, show a reasonable level of drive and ambition when answering interview questions. Nervousness is fine; lack of interest in the job itself is not. The interview is not your forum to find out all about benefits and salary right off the bat; rather, the purpose is to determine how you as a candidate can solve issues, handle problems, stay current on job tasks, and fulfill the employer’s needs.

Colorado jobs, like the state of Colorado itself, require more than a mere look by an interested party. Employers here have weathered recessions and volatile times in order to survive. Prepare yourself to meet challenges, in both the job search and the job, in order to impress them!

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