Need to Research a Possible Career Change? Make Your First Stop

This site is a thoughtful, well-organized resource for anyone that wants to find out exactly what professionals “do” in various occupations. Best of all, the information comes not from job descriptions, but from the actual occupants of each job!

Check out this except from a Management Information Systems Manager job that describes stresses and rewards of the position:

“Short deadlines and a push to try and better your own position as well as that of the fellow employees can be very stressful. The goals of the department and that of the company can at times be very different.

(Rewards include) employee satisfaction, teaching someone who is ‘scared’ of technology is always great. Working with PCs and testing new software is the best.”

Contributors add information on their jobs, including basic skills, challenges, job description, salary, and advice. Talk about an insider’s point of view!

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