Uncover Your Digital Dirt

When you submit your application for a position, guess what frequently happens? Recruiters are relying more heavily on social networking tools to discover as much information as possible about an applicant. This means that your MySpace page, LinkedIn profile, Zoominfo data, or Naymz.com information is right there in front of the hiring audience.

Posting to a blog about your current job can be a source of potential negative job information, since search engines can easily find and point out your “digital dirt” to a prospective employer. Published articles, press releases, project lists, and a number of other sources find their way to the Internet with astonishing speed.

Googling yourself regularly (I like www.dogpile.comfor a more complete list) is key to researching your online identity. Cleaning up your digital dirt by regularly placing positive information online can be critical to the success of your job search.

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