Why use a professional resume writer?

Many resumes that I rewrite seem to use the same Microsoft Word template. While this format is certainly easy to read and contains appropriate headings, it seems to say, “I wrote this myself, so please overlook any irrelevant material.” I dare say this is not the type of initiative one wants to demonstrate to a prospective employer.

To make a better impression, do a little more research. Templates for all kinds of documents abound online. Better yet, persuse resume books at your local library for more examples.
Of course, using a professional resume writing service nearly guarantees that you will free up your time for other pursuits–such as finding venues in which to send the resume.

Why use a professional resume writer? Even people with an outstanding command of written language rarely pass muster when writing their own resumes. This is largely due to the fact that the majority of us belong to professional associations that consistently, constantly educate us on industry-leading standards and practices in the resume industry.

This select group reads resume books–cover to cover–as soon as they are published, uses a complex thesaurus, dictionary, and other grammar tools, consults the AP Stylebook, and undergoes rigorous resume industry testing. It should also be noted that most resume professionals also tune results based on your job search progress–and results!

Just a reminder for any time you are tempted to bypass what should be a comprehensive process by using a Microsoft template…there is no substitute for a professional help from a writer who has honed the craft for effectiveness.

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