Are IT Resumes Easy to Write?

I’ve seen more IT resumes than I can count–and I cannot honestly say that most were representative of the fantastic skill sets that most technical workers possess. Since most technical professionals add an extensive list of technology skill sets to their resume, how can this be?

The fact is, IT resumes are mostly known for what they lack–which amounts to accomplishments, demonstrations of proficiency, contributions to the employer’s bottom line, and overall strategy. When I hired software developers, I was frequently impressed at the extent of knowledge displayed in an interview, which I could NOT discern from the candidate’s resume.

I only interviewed one candidate who had her resume professionally written. It was quite obvious her skills we lacking, and we did not schedule a follow-up interview.

However, she was later hired by a client based only on her RESUME! Even though the client hiring manager told me she was not a fit, he was overridden by a higher-up who kept passing out the resume to everyone. It summed up her project contributions perfectly and made her skills all the more attractive to employers.

Remember, an IT resume is not “easier” to assemble than those in other fields. It is a particularly daunting job to assess the actual result of your IT knowledge, rather than just tallying up the technical skills you use on a regular basis.

The bottom line? Think long and hard about your unique contributions before putting words down on paper. You are more than the sum of your buzzwords!

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